Our Story

Longtime friends Shannon Grant and Chris Carson, along with their wives Danielle and Kellie bonded over their passion for drinking fabulous wine in environments that avoided all of the typical pretense and fuss that comes with traditional wineries. They’ve found that drinking a glass is even more enjoyable when surrounded by good people with great Souls.

After many wine-filled nights full of brainstorming together, the concept for 5 Soul Wine Co. came about. The idea was straightforward - take the best-tasting, smoothest wines from the most notable wine regions in the world and make them accessible to folks in the Texas Hill Country. With Shannon’s years of experience in the spirits industry and cherished relationships in sourcing, marketing, and sales combined with Chris’ unique commercial building skills and architectural eye, the long-discussed dreams of opening up their own winery became a reality—and thus 5 Soul was born. In the beginning, 5 Soul Wines were sourced and produced for personal enjoyment with the tasting room being a place where friends and family could come hang out and experience the custom wines.

Eventually, the 5 official wines were decided upon, and named for the 5 things Chris and Shannon are most passionate about, their 5 children: Ella, Shaye, Dayne, Quinn, and Avery—each beautiful and unique Souls. Their belief was that if their 5 wine varietals had the identical quality and Soul of the 5 children, the winery and the brand would forever be solid. Shannon, Danielle, Chris, and Kellie hope that their kids can follow the journey of 5 Soul and embrace the belief and attitude it was built upon—that anything is possible. 

When the families realized what they had created, they knew they had to share it with the world! Shannon and Chris are delighted that wine connoisseur and newbies alike enjoy and appreciate the quality of 5 Soul Wines. In each varietal, you will taste the endless ardent pursuit that comes with sourcing the best wines, and we can all raise a glass to that. At 5 Soul we believe that wine is for everyone, our product is premium but never pretentious, just like us.