Our goal is to source the best tasting wines from a variety of regions and deliver them right to your favorite tasting room! In each varietal, you will taste the endless ardent pursuit that comes with sourcing the 5 Soul wines, and we can all raise a glass to that.

Our 2020 collection of wines comes from the Central Coast AVA, including the Santa Maria Valley and Paso Robles Highlands.

The Central Coast spans from Santa Barbara County in the South to the San Francisco Bay in the North. Stretching roughly 250 miles along the coastline, the proximity to the Pacific Ocean ensures that even on warm days, the 25 mile wide region is cooled by the ocean breeze. This provides optimal grape growing conditions. The unique characteristics of these wines are due in part to the growing region’s length providing a wide diversity of soils and elevations.

The Santa Maria Valley appellation is the third oldest in the United States, established the same year as the Napa Valley AVA. It’s unique valley acts as a funnel allowing in cool ocean influences which then deposit throughout the region. Daytime temperatures rarely exceed 75°F, providing a long and optimal growing season for the Pinot Noir. 

The Paso Robles Highlands western boundary is just six miles from the Pacific Ocean with the Santa Lucia coastal mountains creating a boundary line to the east. It’s distinctive climate offers the widest day to night temperature swing of any grape growing region in California, which provides optimal conditions for growing premium wines. 

 The first three bottles in our 2022 collection will be releasing Summer 2023. 


2020 Rosé

Hailing from the California Coast, this Grenache dominant Rosé immediately shows its elegance with scents of fresh strawberry & cream and a vibrant burst of citrus. The stainless steel aging process was meticulous from the very beginning making for a slightly creamy, yet bright flavor of mixed berries with a spritz of lime leading to a true French style finish. 


2020 Sauvignon Blanc

5 Souls Wild White of the West opens with aromas of fresh honeydew melon and fig. This Central Coast Sauvignon Blanc entices your tastebuds with luscious flavors of baked apple and melon balancing perfectly with the soft acidity of the lemon pith completing the wild ride to a smooth, lasting finish. 


2020 Chardonnay

Envelope your senses with the rich aromas of ripe pear and vanilla while enjoying this crowd pleasing Chardonnay from the Central Coast of California. The combined aging process of French Oak and Stainless-Steel fermentations provides full-bodied and bright flavors of apple pie and key lime leading to a balanced, elegant final sip. It's like summer in a cup! 


2020 Pinot Noir

Benefitting from additional aging in new oak barrels, this Santa Maria Valley Pinot Noir exhibits a complex elegance with soft cherry and chocolate scents rising to the rim of the glass. Lively flavors of raspberry, cocoa, and vanilla flood your palate with a hint of white pepper leading to a slightly zesty, yet velvety finish. 




2019 Cabernet Sauvignon

Marrying toasted oak barrels with the uniqueness of the Paso Robles Region, fruit forward and complex aromas of ripe berries and red licorice set in motion a complex and balanced platform for chocolate truffle, black cherry, and espresso flavors to dance on your palate dipping to a dry and chocolaty finish. 



5 Soul Brut Sparkling

This fruit-forward sparkling California Brut is perfectly balanced with a fine acidity and rich creamy finish. Bright aromatics burst with Key Lime, Citrus Flower, White Peach, and Vanilla — and teases the palate with hints of Honeydew Melon, Mango and Apple flavors.



2019 5 Soul Blanc de Noir

This well-balanced Sonoma Coast wine has a light peach color, subtle aromas like cinnamon and cherries, and flavor accents resembling cranberries and ginger. It's light to medium bodied, has very fine bubbles and a lingering finish.






2022 5 Soul Pinot Grigio

California grown in the rich Monterey soil, this refreshing 100% Pinot Grigio offers distinguished flavors of citrus and crisp fruits like apple and pear with a hint of minerality on the palate, before extending into a lively, lingering finish. With its proximity to the Pacific Ocean, the Monterey appellation has a classic cool climate, allowing grapes to develop flavor slowly and fully while preserving precious natural acidity. Transformed in neutral oak barrels, the vibrant aromas make this wine perfect for all occasions!




2022 5 Soul Sauvignon Blanc

Hailing from Monterey, California and transformed in neutral oak barrels, the freshness of this 100% Sauvignon Blanc is dry and crisp. Its instinctual fruity character finds balance with tangy flavors like lemon and grapefruit with a light herbal note classic to the Monterey AVA. The small touch of the oak accents the bright acidity by adding elegant texture to balance the fruit. It’s sure to be a crowd pleaser and top choice to enjoy on your patio during the Texas summers.





2022 5 Soul Rosé

California grown in the rich Monterey soil, our Rosé is 100% Pinot Noir Rosé making it well-balanced and smooth to drink. Ripe and juicy strawberries are washed by a salty sea breeze leaving the palate crisp and vibrant with sweet aromas and delicate berry flavors. Our definition of an easy-drinking wine that can be enjoyed all year round.